Test Data
RatePAY recommends to use the following test data.
The advantage of using the test environment is that…
    Test orders are immediately recognized as tests
    No RatePAY fees are incurred and charged
    No dunning processes are triggered
    Alleged test buyers do not receive unwanted orders or even deliveries
    The right contact person can be identified quickly and easily

Data for testing Direct Debit and Installment via Direct Debit


Bank = Commerzbank BIC = COBAATWXXXX BLZ = 19675 IBAN = AT811967500100915806 Account No. = 100915806


Bank = Berliner Sparkasse BIC = BELADEBEXXX BLZ = 10050000 IBAN = DE44100500001654698497 Account No. = 1654698497


Bank = ABN AMRO Bank N.V. BIC = ABNANL2A BLZ = ABNA IBAN = NL18ABNA0484869868 Account No. = 484869868
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