Ratepay Payment Plugin for Shopware 6

Once implemented, Ratepay enables you to accept online payments without any risk of fraud and without the hassle of debtors management.
Enjoy maximum conversion rate and zero risk.


With the Ratepay Payment Extension for Shopware 6 you will be able to provide the following payment methods:

  • Prepayment

  • Open Invoice

  • Secure SEPA Direct Debit

  • Instalments

  • 0% Financing


  • Partial & full deliveries (captures)

  • Partial & full cancellations

  • Partial & full returns

  • Subsequent price adjustments (credits & debits)

  • Logging for API requests and responses

  • Customizable payment states

  • Batch processing


We perform several real-time checks to reduce risk, avoid payment losses and avoid identity fraud. There is no need for a PCI DSS certification for you as a merchant for using the Ratepay payment methods. Due to the fact that Ratepay does not offer credit card payments, PCI DSS certifications not required for Ratepay. All customer data are stored on the merchants systems and will be SSL encrypted transferred to Ratepay via API Calls.


The Ratepay Payment Module for Shopware 6 is installed with a few clicks in your Shopware 6 shop. A big part of the configuration will we done automatically. Just enter your Ratepay Payment API credentials into the configuration section to get core settings imported. It's easily adjustable to your look & feel. After installation and configuration you are able to use the Ratepay payment methods in your checkout.


  • Use Shopware 6 in at least Version

  • Get administration rights to install plugins

  • By using the Ratepay Payment Plugin for Shopware 6 you agree to our Terms of use (German).

Account & Pricing

This extension is for free.

As Ratepay is purchasing your claims (factoring) an individual account is required. To get an account please contact Ratepay. You will not get an account during the extension installation automatically.

For testing purposes you can use the global demo account information which we provide in the Profile Configuration section.

Known Issues and limitations

Currently there are several open Shopware bugs which results in some display limitations and unintentional behavior of the payment extension.

  • Even a payment transaction was declined, consumers getting purchase order confirmations. Regarding the Shopware Roadmap this issue will be fixed (or will be adjustable) by the end of September 2020.