API Responses

Each Ratepay gateway response returns at least three items of processing information: Status, Result and Reason. Merchants should log this status information for each single Ratepay operation.

The Status Code indicates if the gateway was technically able to process the operation or not.

The Result Code is a three-digit number that specifies the result of the processed operation, e.g. "success" or "failure".

The Reason Code is a number containing more-detailed information on why the transaction was successful or failed, e. g. “Request successful” or “Authentication failed”.

Tip: The "code hierarchy" is as follows: Status Code > Result Code > Reason Code. Explanation: Reason Codes are grouped into Result Codes and Result Codes occur into Status Codes.

Most gateway responses containing a special element:

A Customer Message that can be shown to the customer. This will help the customer correcting invalid data and result into a higher conversion rate. The language of this message depends on the customer-language (if submitted), the shop-language (if submitted) or the country code of the billing address.


<status code="OK">Successfully</status>
<reason code="700">Request successful</reason>
<result code="402">Transaction result pending</result>
<customer-message>The verification was successful. Thank you for choosing open invoice as your preferred method of payment.</customer-message>

In the example above you see the following codes:

<status code="OK">

<result code="402">

<reason code="700">

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