Order Status API
V2 2.0.1

Order Status API Introduction

What is Order Status API?

The Order Status API enables merchants to provide their customers and service agents with Ratepay's payment details at any customer contact point. This allows the merchant to remain the face to customers while gaining additional supplier services.
The Order Status API is built around RESTful principles. It is HTTPS-based and uses JSON as the request and response format. It delivers standard HTTP response types.

How to use Order Status API?

The general flow to use the Order Status API is as follows:
  1. 1.
    Get a token to access the Order Status API (token can be used for any number of orders as long as it is valid)
  2. 2.
    Call the Order Status API
Each API call to the Order Status API must contain the authentication token in the header and must use and accept JSON as content type.
The Order Status API cannot be called through a Javascript frontend directly from a browser. Instead, the corresponding backend should call the Order Status API.

Features of Order Status API

  • Get current payment status incl. open amount, claims, fees and settlements
  • Get payment method information for invoice documents, instalment plans and prepayment
  • Get current dunning status incl. dunning information
  • Get current basket information incl. shipping status
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