General Settings

Allgemeine Einstellungen

Click System -> Configuration.

In the Configuration Menu on the left side click on Payment Methods.

Open the Ratepay section and select the Erweiterte Einstellungen to display the settings which are described below.

Allgemeine Einstellungen

Basic Setting



Device Fingerprint Snippet-Id

The Device Fingerprint Snippet-Id is individual and you get it when registering for the services of Ratepay.

Below Erweiterte Einstellungen

Shipping exclusion

Ausgeschlossene Versandmethoden

Unless an individual exception has been made in the contract, you have to exclude all express shipping methods, e.g. 24-hour delivery, DHL Express etc.

Shipping extensions

Versenden erweitern

If activated, Ratepay will receive the shipping information when you enter the capture. YES is default.

Credit memo extension

Gutschrift erweitern

If activated, Ratepay is informed about credit memos and returns whenever you mark items as returned or when you enter price adjustments. YES is default.

Cancelling the extension

Abbrechen erweitern

If activated, Ratepay is informed about the cancellation of items whenever you mark an order as CANCELLED.

Order status before shipping

Bestellzustand / State vor Versand

By default, PROCESSING is selected.

Order status after shipping

Bestellzustand / State nach Versand

By default, PROCESSING is selected.

Payment status before shipping

Zahlungsstatus / Status vor Versand

By default, the payment status before shipping is PAYMENT SUCCESS.

Payment status after shipping

Zahlungsstatus / Status nach Versand

By default, the payment status after shipping is PAYMENT COMPLETE.

Logging activation

Logging aktivieren

Select YES and you will find a log (see screenshot below

  • either in the menu Ratepay -> Logs to see the logged information for all orders

  • or for one order you go to

    • menu Sales -> Order , click on the View - link at the right end of each order-line

    • in the left side menu Order View click on Ratepay Log

Use default item for shipping

NO is default

Logging-Information of all orders

Logging-Information of one order