Ratepay Payment Plugin for Magento 1

Once implemented, Ratepay enables you to accept online payments without any risk of fraud and without the hassle of debitors management.
Enjoy maximum conversion rate and zero risk.


Whitelabel integration of the following...

Payment methods

  • Open invoice
  • Installment
  • SEPA direct debit


  • DE
  • AT
  • CH
  • NL


Several real-time checks to reduce risk, avoid payment losses and avoid identity fraud.


The Ratepay payment extension for Magento 1 supports
  • Partial & full deliveries
  • Partial & full cancellations
  • Partial & full returns
  • Subsequent price adjustments (credits & debits)
  • Batch processing
  • Logging for API requests and responses
  • Backend orders
  • Processing of bundle items


  • Use Magento 1 CE (1.7, 1.8 or 1.9)
  • Get administration rights to install plugins
  • By using the Ratepay payment extension for Magento 1 you agree to our Terms of use (German).


  • Magento CE from V1.7.x to v1.9.x. Please be aware that not every version of Magento 1 runs with every PHP-Version. E.g. only the newest 1.9.x with a certain patch-level supports PHP7.2 and PHP7.3
  • One of these PHP versions (as of today, 07/2019), also check out the bulletpoint before:
    • PHP 5.6.x Please be aware that the support for this version of the PHP programming language ended already at the end of 2018! We test the Ratepay Payment Extension with this version but can not guarantee this for a longer period.
    • PHP 7.1 This version gets only limited support by the PHP-project, yet. I.e. it gets security updates until the autumn of 2019. It makes much sense to switch to PHP7.2 or PHP7.3 as soon as possible. Please be aware that you need quite a recent Magento 1 version to run with PHP7.2.
    • PHP 7.2 Currently the "most stable version". Be aware that you need quite a recent Magento 1 version to run with PHP7.2.
    • PHP 7.3 Magento 1 does not support PHP7.3 officially, yet. We test the extension with this version and it worked for us.
  • CURL version 7.34.0 or higher activated
  • FTP client & login to the server that runs your Magento 1 Shop
  • Magento administration rights
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