Go Live Checklist

Learn more about the prerequisites for going live with Ratepay payment methods


‌Ratepay’s legal requirements must be implemented in the merchants' checkout page to ensure customers are well informed about the data transfer and the terms and conditions.
‌Here’s an overview to help you making the necessary adjustments in your checkout:
Follow the checklist below to ensure you have successfully implemented Ratepay’s requirements:
Ratepay’s Device Fingerprint solution is a mandatory step in our integration.
Here you can find more information on how to add the Device Fingerprint functionality to your checkout:
The generated token shall be sent together with the /auth call to your payment service provider. Please contact your payment service provider for more instructions and details on this implementation.
  • Device Fingerprint token will be generated
  • Token will be send in the /auth call to the payment service provider

Customer Communication

Customer Care
Please ensure your customer care team is well informed about Ratepay’s payment methods and conditions. Ratepay's customer care team will forward to you all questions regarding the product and the delivery.
Ratepay’s Customer Care contact details are displayed in every correspondence we send to the customers.
Printing your own invoices for Ratepay's payment methods
Please ensure that your invoices meet the following requirements whenever a Ratepay payment method takes place.
For Ratepay payment methods, an invoice must be created and sent to the customers
  • No bank details shall be displayed in your invoice
  • Please add the supplement "The account details for the bank transfer can be found in the payment instruction email from Ratepay"
Further adjustments can be found here (sorted by payment method):
  • Shipping date shall match the invoice date
  • Due date is informed in your invoice
  • Payment method is informed in your invoice
  • Legal disclaimer is clearly displayed
  • Ratepay's imprint is added to your invoice
Information regarding the payment reference and the bank account details shall not be displayed in your invoice. Instead, you shall clearly display in the body of your invoice the following text: "The account details for the bank transfer can be found in the payment instruction email from Ratepay".


Before going live, tests must be accomplished to ensure the system work as expected for all business cases.
We recommend testing all scenarios/use cases for each payment method as well as generating invoices to ensure that all required information on the order has been placed.
To ensure a good portfolio of test scenarios, we summarized the most relevant cases we’ve seen in the past years:
Please ensure you've tested at least the business cases that occur in your daily business
  • Most of the test scenarios were tested
  • Invoices were generated including the correct information
  • Device Fingerprint Token was successfully sent
Please keep the test results. They might be requested by Ratepay or by your payment service provider.

Switching Live

Once you've completed the above checklist, you'll be able to provide Ratepay payment methods to your customers.
Now, please reach out to the payment service provider and ask your contact person to switch on the Ratepay payment methods.